Posted BY: Jon N. Hall

With the ongoing invasion over the last two years by millions of foreigners at our southern border, America has a much bigger election integrity problem than before Joe Biden became president. So, just how did California, Arizona, New Mexico, and other states with large enclaves of illegal aliens ensure that the recent invaders (as well as the millions of previous invaders from decades past) didn’t vote in the November 8 federal elections?

You see, noncitizen voting in federal elections is illegal. But Democrats seem to see nothing wrong with the invasion. Indeed, the Left wants illegal aliens to be able to vote in America’s elections; see “Why Non-Citizens Should Be Allowed to Vote” by Ron Hayduk at Jacobin. (Americans who believe in the ideal of citizenship won’t approve of Mr. Hayduk.)

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However, if anyone can vote in America’s elections, then just what is the value of American citizenship? Given all the freebies the feds are handing out to the invaders, some citizens may see the invaders as having more rights than they have. Did citizens approve of this largesse?

But voting in federal elections by illegal aliens is just one of many types of election crime, and many of such crimes are simply undetectable using safeguards currently in use. Surely there should be methods to detect election crime. Congress needs to intervene in State elections for federal offices.

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