The ‘All is Beauty’ ad film is ultimately all about a ‘woke’ corporation selling more of its product

Posted BY: ZeroHedge

The prominent Canadian fashion and home decor retailer Simons is coming under fire for glorifying suicide as a marketing ploy. 

The company recently produced and released a three-minute film that celebrates the planned assisted suicide of Jennyfer Hatch. More recently, after the project was completed, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation confirmed that “The 37-year-old died on Oct. 23 and chose medical assistance in dying (MAID) after dealing with complications and chronic pain associated with her diagnosis of Ehlers Danlos syndrome, a group of inherited disorders that affect the connective tissue supporting many body parts.” A snippet of the fuller ad can be viewed below…

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And now she’s the subject of the short film and ad campaign “All is Beauty” – which the company claims is all about building a “human connection” and reflects its “values” (so… death/suicide). “Even now as I seek help to end my life, there is so much beauty,” Hatch narrates in the video for the Canadian clothes retailer.

CEO Peter Simons went so far as to reference lessons learned and the hardships of the Covid-19 pandemic as inspiration for the commercial/short film

“We really felt — after everything we’ve been through in the last two years and everyone’s been through — maybe it would resonate more to do a project that’s less commercially oriented and more focused on inspiration and values that we hold dear,” said Simons.

However, given the subject matter and eerie scenes like the one below, it seems like something more out of a Black Mirror episode…

Consider too how loose the Canadian government’s “medical assistance in dying” (MAID) law is and how actively it is being promoted. A simple Google search of “Canada euthanasia law” returns info encouraging users to learn about their “rights” – which includes the following dystopian and disturbing aspect of the law… 

“…the law no longer requires a person’s natural death to be reasonably foreseeable to access medical assistance in dying.” 

But again, keep in mind that the “All is Beauty” ad film is ultimately all about a ‘woke’ corporation selling more of its product. As Rod Dreher of The American Conservative aptly points out

This is so evil. They are making a sick woman’s decision to end her life into an occasion of beauty, and created a short film glorifying suicide … for the sake of selling fashion and home decor! And that’s the truly creepy part about it: that they’re using a glamorized suicide to encourage people to think sympathetically of their brand, so they’ll buy clothes and furnishings there. (Note: an ad like this doesn’t have to directly market the product; a Japanese luxury car brand in the early 2000s, I think it was, pioneered this kind of advertising, designed to associate a certain aesthetic vibe around a product or company.)

See the full 3-minute version of the Simons short film below:

Dreher further concludes in the following: “First Balenciaga, which its child sex chic, and now Simons, selling frocks and trousers by selling suicide. This is beyond the Late Roman Empire stuff. A culture that glorifies death like this has lost its collective will to live. And it won’t.”

And one commenter on Simons’ YouTube channel laments that “This woman was murdered and betrayed by every single person she knew who did not try to stop this. And now her death has been commodified and commercialized.”