Posted BY: Harry G. Hutchison

Against the pulsating scenes of Shanghai police pummeling COVID-19 protesters in China, Iranian mullahs cracking down on Tehran’s demonstrators, and the World Economic Forum’s supporting digital passports allowing governments to control the movement of people, the forces of authoritarian control are clearly on the march.  Nor is this problem limited to East Asia or the Middle East.  This issue directly implicates the West.  

Arising out of our cultural elites’ disdain for the concerns and values of the common folk, the West’s increasing capitulation to authoritarianism may be more subtle but no less pernicious than China’s coercive lockdowns featuring stormtroopers welding apartment doors shut.  This move has led to several deaths by fire and suffocation.  At the same time, Iranian religious police continue to crack skulls and kill citizens demanding freedom.

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Embracing the authoritarian inclination and preferring the suppression of truth, private actors in the West refuse to accept verifiable reality while demanding coercive government intervention in our social media platforms, schools, and churches. Following a pathway blazed by China’s authorities, they seek to eliminate freedom of speech and eradicate nonconforming individuals and organizations like Elon Musk and Twitter from public life.

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