Posted BY: Vince Coyner

I was about 15 the first time I fell in love. It wasn’t until 25 years later that I finally got married. It wasn’t that I hadn’t tried to get married before because I had. I asked someone to marry me when I was 17. She said no. I asked three more girls over the next decade; the same result! The funny thing is, in each of those torpedoed proposals, the girl was right. It would have been a disaster. Sure, I was in love, but it’s clear to me today that things would never have worked out. That impetuosity and irrationality are what youth is all about—and it’s why it’s wicked to have a society that pressures children into mutilating their bodies in the name of “gender.”

Every one of those relationships and others involved a roller coaster of emotions. The heart-pounding that’s associated with anticipation, the satisfaction of landing that first date, the joy of that first kiss, the awkwardness of rejection, or the heartache of a breakup.

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