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100 Percent Fed Up reports – Ye, formerly Kanye West, dressed in a large colorful jacket and a black mask that completely covers his face, is currently LIVE on Alex Jones’s Info Wars show. The controversial duo discusses Hitler, antisemitism, censorship, and how Kanye believes he is being used as a “vessel.” He also confessed that he requested last week’s meeting with President Trump to ask him if he would consider joining Ye as his presidential running mate in 2024. President Trump was not impressed.

During their conversation, the world’s most censored woman, Laura Loomer, who’s unsuccessfully run for US Congress in Florida twice, began texting Ye. When Alex Jones, who, ironically, owns InfoWars, “the most banned network in the world,” asked Ye who he was communicating with, he told Jones he was talking to Loomer. Alex Jones asked Loomer to join them on the show.

Laura Loomer

She is currently calling into the show to join the conversation, where she will likely discuss how she reached out to Ye to warn him about trusting Milo Yianopolous to be his 2024 presidential campaign manager. When Yianopoulous was mentioned, Ye quickly reminded Jones’ audience that Milo is Jewish and he loves him.

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Nick Fuentes, who has been accused of being a white supremacist, is also one of the guests on Jones’ show. A firestorm was started when Fuentes accompanied Ye to Mar-a-Lago. During a recent interview with popular podcaster Tim Pool, Ye admitted that President Trump had no idea that Nick Fuentes was joining them at the meeting before he walked off the set.

Alex Jones aked Nick if he is a “white supremacist,” to which he replied, “no.” Ye called Fuentes a “future president” and said that “Trump loved Nick.”

Last week, a Texas judge ordered Alex Jones to pay $49 million to the parents of Sandy Hook, who sued him for claiming their children were “actors” in the Sandy Hook massacre,

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