Posted BY: James Stansbury

Arlington National Cemetery is the latest casualty of woke cancel culture

I recently learned that the “Naming Commission,” initially proposed by Congress in 2021 to strip military bases of Confederate leader names has just made the Arlington National Cemetery the latest casualty of the military’s woke-to-cancel culture. 

Although the primary mission of the panel was to wipe references to the Confederacy from the U.S. military, it is now painfully evident the panel of eight did not stop with renaming.  Their third and final report issued on September 19, 2022, includes the removal of a 108-year-old Confederate monument from Arlington National Cemetery. 

Has the panel overstepped its bounds to become like the busybodies in a homeowner’s association eager to punish others for minor failings to cover up their own?  And whatever happened to earlier political promises that monuments in cemeteries would not be disturbed?  No firm date is known to implement the recommendations, but since this commission is part of the Defense Authorization Act, most should be completed before or during 2024.

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