Posted BY: Eric Utter

Where exactly would the world be without Christianity, capitalism and free markets, and the idea of natural rights?  Without…America?

Would assembly lines and mass production have ever been thought of?  Efficiencies of scale?  Abundant and affordable goods of all kinds?  What could have brought billions out of poverty in the past several decades?  Would someone have eventually discovered electricity?  Who would have invented dental floss, hearing aids, cardiac defibrillators, radiocarbon dating, traffic lights, crash test dummies, lasers, LEDs, chemotherapy, microwave ovens, video games, mobile phones, fiber optic cables, email, personal computers, skyscrapers, suspension bridges, airplanes, the phonograph, the light bulb, the internet, and the Global Positioning System, just to name a few of the mind-boggling number of American inventions that have so greatly benefited mankind humankind?

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