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In a world where enormous sums of money rarely raise eyebrows, Bill Gates’ new pledge of $7 billion in aid to Africa should give us pause.

“Constantly reducing maternal mortality, constantly reducing neonatal mortality, under-5 mortality, that’s really the metric that drives our foundation,” said Gates while announcing the four-year pledge on November 17 in Nairobi. While laudable in theory, it is imperative that we ask—what will this money actually do?

International development funding inevitably comes with strings attached, and more often than not, those strings are tied to ideological agendas. Case in point: the Gates Foundation’s aggressive track record of abortion promotion, which stands in sharp contrast to the robust pro-life culture of many African countries. Abortion is illegal or heavily restricted across most of the continent. But money has a way of maneuvering around the law, and ultimately, much of the reason for pushing tremendous sums on developing countries is to dismantle established laws that protect unborn life. In this context, $7 billion could go a long way toward undermining what people actually want for their countries.

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In a coincidental, but telling, the twist of fate, on the same day as the Gates announcement, the world’s leading government coalition promoting global women’s health policy convened at the United States Capitol to commemorate its second anniversary. Representing 36 countries across 5 continents, the Geneva Consensus group is united by the fundamental belief that women’s health should not be held hostage by ideological agendas. Currently led by the government of Brazil, and soon transitioning to Hungarian leadership, the group is proof positive that there exists vibrant international momentum to support both woman and unborn children in the pursuit of actual health care.

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