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Parents Sarah Perkins and Josh Sabey took their 14-week-old child to the emergency room just after 2 a.m. last July, concerned about a fever. However, what followed was a series of inspections that would eventually lead to child protective services taking custody of the small child in the middle of the night, a Washington Post investigation reveals.

During their hospital visit, the boy underwent an X-ray for a possible lung infection. A healed fracture on the rib cage of the baby was found, a symptom that is consistent with either blunt force trauma or “someone squeezing the child too tight,” according to the physician consulted in this case. It was determined that the injury was a result of “nonaccidental trauma,” and the couple was then suspected of child abuse. A social worker immediately questioned the parents at the hospital.

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In the coming days, additional questioning from social workers occurred with the parents, as well as the 3-year-old sibling of the infant. The children were subject to further medical examinations, their home inspected, yet no further evidence of abuse was found.

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