‘My thanks go to Elon Musk who is a man of his word,’ says Stone.

Posted BY: Kelen McBreen

Former Donald Trump advisor and a friend of Infowars Roger Stone had his Twitter account restored Wednesday.

Stone hadn’t been able to post on the social media platform since October 2017.

“I’m BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK,” he wrote on Wednesday. “I have just been informed that my personal Twitter account has been reinstated. Will talk about it today at 5 PM EST at StoneZone.live.”

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Roger went live on air after learning of his reinstatement, telling his Stone Zone audience “I learned roughly an hour ago that my genuine Twitter page, my Twitter profile Roger J. Stone Jr., has been reinstated by Twitter. My thanks go to Elon Musk who is a man of his word and who I now believe based on this act and a number of other acts is committed to free speech.”

“I’m grateful to be back on Twitter,” he said. “You really don’t appreciate your free speech rights until they are taken away from you. I continue, for example, to be banned on Facebook for the entirely false allegation that I had or controlled hundreds of fake profiles on that platform. That’s a lie.”

Stone was banned from Twitter in 2017 after calling CNN anchor Don Lemon a “cocksucker” and a “dull-witted arrogant partyboi.”

The establishment will undoubtedly be upset with Stone’s return to the platform as he’ll now be able to inject alternative political takes into the public discourse.