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Ron Johnson (R-WI) continues his investigation into who knew what when about the covid-19 gene therapy shots and hosted his fourth Covid-19 Roundtable with doctors, lawyers, vax-injured, and business leaders on Capitol Hill. 

In a three-hour discussion open to the public after a day’s long session the day before, the group offered clear and compelling scientific, medical, and regulatory evidence.

It kicked off with Ed Dowd, a former Black Rock Managing Director, and Josh Sterling, an insurance analyst, discussing the increase in deaths following the covid shot rollout in 2021 and the loss to the working-age population. The numbers to date are staggering and do not look good for the future. 

The discussion concluded with what clearly needed to be said based on the evidence. 

Dr. Peter McCullough said it with force. 

It is time “to stop these shots,” said McCullough emphatically. 

The evidence of how many have died and the harm the shots have caused, and the fact that the shots do not stop transmission or the virus along with regulatory and standard of practice breaches is overwhelming. 

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Whistleblower Lt. Colonel Theresa Long expressed her concern about what is being done to the U.S. military forced to take the shots.

Dr. Ryan Cole, an anatomical/clinical pathologist said that the coronavirus inflames blood vessels and that the present covid shots are outdated for the current variant. 

Dr. Harvey Risch, a Yale University epidemiologist, attested to the danger to covid patients who are older and have underlying conditions, but not a concern for the younger population. 

Dr. Pierre Kory, an internal and pulmonary medicine specialist spoke passionately. 

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