Posted BY: Renee Parsons

Despite the midterm elections loss of four compelling Republican Senate candidates, a handful of persistent, emboldened senators has stepped forward to re-establish their authority, thereby creating the beginning of a paradigm shift in the Senate’s balance of power.  In addition, on January 3, four new senators, all oriented to America First, will take their seats.

Beginning with the November 16 challenge to Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.)’s thirty-year reign, ten senators voted to oppose his 2022 reappointment.  Known for unyielding control of the legislative process and repeated dictates to a subservient Republican caucus with nary a peep of resistance, those ten senators stood their ground and did not cave as their opposition failed (37-10).  Their resistance has, however, set the stage for a new energy between duly elected senators and an overbearing authoritarian “leadership.”

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On the heels of that challenge, thirteen Republican members of the Senate, in an act of legislative defiance, informed McConnell in a November 30 letter that they will oppose the 4,000-page $858-billion National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) FY 2023 barring adoption of an amendment that prohibits “involuntary separation” from the U.S. military based solely on COVID vaccination status.  In addition, those service personnel who were separated out could be reinstated with back pay.  More recently, in tacit acknowledgment of COVID as a bio-weapon with significant health impacts, twenty senators coalesced to demand a floor vote on the amendment to eliminate the forced vaccination mandate.

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