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A solution to the bot problem?

Today, Elon Musk announced that he will be purging Twitter of some 1.5 billion user accounts that have not been accessed in years, or sent out tweets.

The official reason given is to free up online handles and names that others want…

Perhaps there is some way these accounts could have been used as automated user bots, but I could only see that if these accounts were somehow hijacked to like posts or bolster follower counts—they couldn’t have been used for other purposes.

Any retweet, reply, media upload, or tweet shows up as activity on that account, so I don’t think this change will solve Twitter’s rampant bot problem, you know—the ones we argue with who seem to support every Biden proposal.

Many users alluded to the idea that this purge has something to do with Twitter’s notorious bot problem, but Musk has insisted that these are the accounts with no documented login activity and no tweets:

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