Posted BY: Jack Gleason

It’s been a month since the November elections, and it’s obvious that serious irregularities exist in our voting systems.  Unless they are exposed and fixed, our country will have been taken over by our internal and external enemies, and we will never recover.

All of the efforts to fight back against fraud nationwide have been unsuccessful except for in Maricopa County, Arizona. Kari Lake, the gubernatorial candidate, is still fighting — filing lawsuit after lawsuit in an effort to overturn the “results” in her campaign, where the current secretary of state in charge of the election, Katie Hobbs, was her opponent.  Hobbs wouldn’t recuse herself despite the fact that she would be overseeing her own election.  Unbelievable!  When outrageous election problems caused some counties to withhold their vote certifications, Hobbs threatened them with class 6 felonies.

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