Posted BY: Chris Williams

I am not an editor or journalist.  I’m not an influencer.  I don’t sit in a boardroom or govern my company’s policies; I abide by them.  Not exactly a position of fortitude, but like many of you, I don’t have the luxury of not having a job.  I have a mortgage to pay and a son to put through college.

For most of my life, I’ve been apolitical.  I’ve only voted in a handful of elections and my votes have never been one-party-centric.  Perhaps I just never had the inclination to support a political entity that would invariably let me down. Perhaps I just thought that silence would serve me better than plainspoken conversation.

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But inaction has consequences too. In recent years, I’ve seen many of my colleagues and friends readily embrace the illusion of safety over personal self-determination. As these same friends and colleagues are equally eager to embrace a mantle of inclusion based on the exclusion of intellectual diversity, I’m reminded of Benjamin Franklin’s warning that adversaries of liberty would need to begin by “subduing the freeness of speech.”

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