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After receiving full Congressional approval on Thursday, the so-called Respect For Marriage Act, officially rejecting God’s definition of marriage, now awaits President Biden’s enthusiastic signature.

Despite claims by Biden that the Respect For Marriage Act brings the United States “one step closer on our journey to build a more perfect union,” trusted ministry leaders and religious freedom advocates are warning of the legislation’s legal and Biblical ramifications.

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“This shows that our nation is veering off a cliff toward godless immorality,” Jenna Ellis, a vocal Christian and Constitutional Law Attorney, said Thursday. “The thing that is the most shocking out of this is not that the leftists—who have never cared or had any respect for marriage, for God, for America, for the US Constitution—would have passed this type of such a disrespectful, unconstitutional act, but that 39 Republicans also joined in the house and 12 Republicans in the Senate.”

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