Virologist Dr. Peter Daszak brazenly posted videos of himself and his research team standing in the midst of swarms of bats in Thailand this week

Posted BY: Daily Mail

A virologist who funded the Wuhan lab at the center of COVID leak claims – and then allegedly tried to ‘bully’ that theory away – has proudly filmed himself inside a bat-filled cave and handling the creatures for his research.

Last week, Dr. Peter Daszak posted a video on his Twitter filmed from the depths of the Ratchaburi Cave in Thailand.
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Daszak, who is from England and now lives in upstate New York, was surrounded by 2.5million of the creatures he thinks COVID-19 came from. He referred to the cave as the ‘reactor core’ of viral activity. 

He shared multiple other snaps of the winged creatures – believed to harbor the pathogen that sparked the pandemic – and even uploaded a video of one being fed by hand. 

Daszak was there as part of a legitimate research trip, with scientists having long-researched bat-related coronaviruses. 

But his posts could well unsettle Americans who’ve just emerged from a pandemic that’s killed 1.08 million across the country – especially given his close and controversial ties to the suspected origin site. 

The scientist was engulfed in scandal after it was revealed in a Vanity Fair expose that his charity, EcoHealth Alliance, provided funding for the Wuhan Institute of Virology’s Gain-of-function research.

The lab is now widely-believed to have created and negligently released SARS-CoV-2.

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