Posted BY: Geoffrey Clarfield

During the last three years, the Canadian government has been printing lots of money and hiring lots of employees. The number of government hires has been more than those in the private sector. We also now have illegal Chinese police stations in our major cities and the hint (God forbid!) that the Chinese Communist Party was interfering in our last national election. I am shocked!

Canada also had a week of martial law against truckers’ COVID protests. Then, during drawn-out hearings, it would appear that, from the Prime Minister down, no one in the higher echelons of government knew what was happening on the ground or who ordered what. Watching the investigation is like watching a modern version of Keystone Cops.

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Only Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland suggested that martial law was declared because of American pressure. Those readers familiar with Canadian history will recognize that “Blame the Americans” is the oldest kind of scapegoating on record in this country but, of course, we still turn to America whenever the nation is really in trouble.

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