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Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel may be in a dogfight to keep her post as dissatisfaction with her and other Republican leaders grows following a dismal party showing during the midterms.

On Tuesday, Just the News reported that conservative lawyer Harmeet Dhillon has picked up some key support as she moves to unseat McDaniel, noting that, over the weekend, RNC member Morton Blackwell, founder of the conservative training group The Leadership Institute, has thrown his support behind her.

“She has a long and successful record as a leader for conservative principles at the state and national levels,” said Blackwell, a Virginia committee member.

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The outlet noted further: “Most committee members have already pledged their support for a fourth term for McDaniel. But Republicans have underperformed in the past three election cycles after McDaniel become the RNC leader in 2017, which is raising concerns about reelecting her. Several state RNC groups have expressed frustration with the RNC under McDaniel, who was President Trump’s pick after getting elected in 2016. The Texas Republican Party recently joined the Arizona Republican Party in expressing no confidence in McDaniel and calling for new leadership.”

“Clearly, the grassroots think it’s time for a change,” the Arizona GOP noted in a tweet.

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