Posted BY: Nancy Andersen

Anti-fascists love to intimidate others by claiming a moral high ground, even if that high ground is below sea level.  Anti-fascists promoted the destruction of minority-owned small businesses in the summer of 2020 in the name of fighting systemic racism, anti-fascists trampled the Bill of Rights during COVID lockdowns for the sake of public health. Anti-fascists hate Elon Musk’s desire to promote “Free Speech” on Twitter because speech (like silence, oddly enough) is violence.

One hotly contested battle between current anti-fascism and common sense is K-12 education.  Anti-fascists paint parents and teachers concerned about pornographic books in school libraries as “literal Nazis.”  Books like Gender Queer contain graphic pictures of sexual acts; however, according to the Left, this book should remain in school libraries to champion Diversity and Inclusion.  If a parent believes that the sexualized material might be too graphic for minors, that parent is a fascist on par with Mussolini.

But what happens when the anti-fascists want to ban books?  Do they become fascist-anti-fascists or anti-anti-fascists?

Last week, the anti-fascist Twitter account “Silent Sam I Am” (named after Silent Sam, the confederate statue violently toppled at UNC-Chapel Hill) tweeted the following:

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