Posted BY: Tanya Berlaga

Last week, Congress passed the “Respect for Marriage” Act.  As usual, the name the proponents (or, sometimes, opponents) invent for the bill does not accurately represent its purpose.  You may remember that the “For the People” Act was a lot less useful to the people than it was to the Democrat party.  The “Inflation Reduction Act” did nothing to reduce inflation.  And the “Don’t Say Gay” bill did not ban the word “gay.”

The “Respect for Marriage” Act purportedly “legalizes” same-sex “marriage.”  Because the Supreme Court already ruled on this matter, the law does not expand legal protection for same-sex couples in any way.  The law, in part, requires private businesses to perform services they object to on moral grounds.  This law should be called the “disrespect for personal freedom” act.

To understand why legitimizing same-sex “marriage” is detrimental for society, we must first examine some myths associated with the institution of marriage, from both the conservative and the liberal viewpoints.

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