Posted BY: J.B. Shurk

I saw some commie ninny praising the enlightened brilliance of child activists advocating for left-wing causes, and my eyes nearly rolled back far enough in my skull to leave me blind.  Only cultists and communists hang on to every utterance from the most inexperienced humans now alive and treat their incipient musings as evidence of refined wisdom.  It doesn’t matter if it’s Greta Thunberg proving she has no understanding of climate science or some poor, brainwashed tot conditioned to recite his/her/its “special” pronouns — when an adult goes gaga over a kid’s political pronouncements, it’s creepy, not compassionate. 

My beef isn’t with our youngest generation; my fury lies with their tormentors.  Innocents are being used today, just as they have always been used throughout history, as sacrificial lambs for the unscrupulous to slaughter.  Oh, look, a child — who is neither old enough to possess a necessary base of knowledge for true reflection nor experienced enough to comprehend a world filled with deceit — the ideal sucker for leftists everywhere!  First to be pushed to the front lines of battle, first to have their futures stolen from underneath their feet, first to be manipulated by the wealthy and powerful who see them not as special — but as vulnerable and weak!

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