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(Natural News) A few years back, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) commissioned a study and associated fact sheet about defensive gun use (DGU) that showed anywhere from 60,000 to 2.5 million tragedies are prevented with firearms every single year in the United States. You will be hard-pressed to find that information anymore, though, since the CDC tossed the data in response to complaints from anti-Second Amendment extremists who said it made passing more gun control laws extremely difficult.

A lobbying campaign was mounted that spanned several months and ended with a private meeting between CDC officials and three gun control extremists. Emails obtained by The Reload show that Sen. Dick Durbin’s (D-Ill.) office spearheaded the effort, which resulted in critical DGU statistics being scrubbed from the CDC’s data archives.

“[T]hat 2.5 Million number needs to be killed, buried, dug up, killed again and buried again,” wrote Mark Bryant, one of the attendees, in an email to CDC officials following the meeting. “It is highly misleading, is used out of context and I honestly believe it has zero value – even as an outlier point in honest DGU discussions.”

Bryant is in charge of the Gun Violence Archive (GVA), an anti-Second Amendment extremist group that is constantly pushing for more gun restrictions in the United States in response to mass shootings. Bryant argued that the work of criminologist Gary Kleck, who helped put together the DGU data from the CDC, needed to be scrubbed completely from the agency’s website.

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