Posted BY: Ron Wright

Certification of voting machine systems is Pandora’s box. There are too many unforeseen means to exploit voting machine systems, from within and without, to justify the risk of abandoning paper ballots, same-day voting, and tabulation. It’s all about ethical behavior, feel-good policies, and sleight-of-hand con jobs—passing a chicken over a pot of boiling water and calling it chicken soup.

Maricopa County, Arizona, has many unresolved serious issues from the 2020 Election that raise questions about the election’s integrity and validity (here and here). The 2022 midterm results are also very troubling as well. See also, “Arizona Midterm Elections . . . Ballot Harvesting.”

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In my professional experience investigating financial crimes, many employers in small businesses give the same person control of the business checkbook and responsibility for reconciling the checking statement. The owners then wonder why embezzlement happens.

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