Posted BY: Noel S. Williams

Lake Superior State University has a year-end tradition of issuing its banished words and phrases list.  It usually misses some obvious candidates, like “democracy is on the ballot,” and its perverse variations. That sentiment encapsulates George Orwell’s description of ugly and inaccurate political language to exert mind control. 

Even more linguistic gobbledygook is emanating from Stanford University.  They spent 18 months conjuring a list of harmful words to ban from their websites and computer code.  If they had their druthers, they’d probably prefer this site be renamed “U.S. Citizen Thinker.”  You see, in addition to the usual admonitions against “gender binary language,” they also propose to ban the word “American,” replacing it with “U.S. Citizen.” Their doublethink stinks:  apparently “American” implies that the U.S. is the most important country in the Americas.  Of course, it is — migrants are heading north, not south. Duh!

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