Posted BY: G. Murphy Donovan

“Twitter is the place to find real-time, reliable information about the 2022 midterms  — whether you’re looking for breaking news from reporters, information on voting, or policy positions from candidates. We aim to enable healthy civic conversation on Twitter while ensuring people have the context they need to make informed decisions about the content they encounter. Because we’re a global service, there’s almost always an election happening on Twitter.”

—Twitter Inc., 2022

Truth does indeed often hide in plain sight.  Prior to the 2022 election, Twitter’s online mission statement boasted that elections happen “on Twitter.”  True enough, as it turned out.  The same might be said of all the other social platforms if Elon Musk ever gets his hands on those other partisan internet bordellos in some halcyon future.

The real value of all those Twitter emails dumps so far is that we now have probative evidence for what many already knew — old news for the insightful.  Silicon Valley is a subsidiary of the D.C. political swamp, two ethical wastelands populated by tenured partisans.

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The path to electoral victory today has little to do with vote tallies and a lot more to do with how well you “prebunk” (AKA cook) the electorate. With enough prebunking, you can run for office from your basement and skip the hazards of the debate stage.

Official prebunking is the cyber or internet version of “cutout” operations.  Cutouts are Intelligence Community tools and tactics that allow agencies like the CIA, NSA, and FBI to perform dirty tricks, sordid or criminal operations, at home that might otherwise be illegal or embarrassing.  Using a cutout, like Twitter or Facebook, allows government agencies and dirty cops at agencies like the NSA and FBI to have “plausible deniability.”

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