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Devon Nunes, CEO of Trump Media and Technology Group, joined Newsmax to discuss the Twitter files and the federal government’s efforts to suppress free speech as well as their efforts to defend their behavior.


So, I look at this….a couple major points here…one, we don’t have all the files yet, we only have what a few reporters have went went through.

President Trump and I, here at Truth Social, we’ve been very, very supportive of Elon Musk ultimately being Twitter and pushing all of this information out to the public.

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I think it is going to be key going into the next year, and you talk about how we’re winning. Well look, to continue to win and really use that Republican majority that the American people have rewarded the Republicans with, they’re going to need to subpoena all of these documents and really get to the bottom of who….who was the command and control here. Who was telling who to do what, at the FBI to take away our First Amendment rights?

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