Posted BY: James Watkins

Think about this as we head into 2023: 330 million human beings live in America. Every day they eat at least two meals, and about 10 pounds of food is consumed, which means 3.3 billion pounds of food is consumed per day. This also means someone needs to produce, distribute and finally, deliver that food.

330 million people also need a home to sleep in every night. They also need transportation, most likely have a smartphone, and probably have an email account, if not many; they buy things, including clothes, shoes, cars, subscriptions, drugs, furniture, shoes, entertainment, and the list goes on and on….

In short, no matter how badly our political leaders might mess things up or make things complicated, there are still 330 million people in America who need and consume stuff every day, and this all but guarantees there will always be others who provide the products and services to this 330 million customer base.

Add to this because our country operates in a free-market system, anyone can get in on the program. Businesses are created, products are produced, and things are sold. The barter system works best in a free-market system because all things have value and every person who can produce something can get in on the action, hence the prospect of a better life is always possible.

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