Posted BY: J.B. Shurk

Doesn’t it seem as if the ignoble nobles running our country into the ground are working overtime to dump extra loads of misery before the year ends?  Now that they’ve plunged the country into an energy and heating crisis by tilting at “climate change” windmills, coal was too valuable to waste on these scrooges’ Christmas stockings.  Let them survive on frozen wind turbines and snowdrift-covered solar panels!

While I have done my best to celebrate the Christmas season and ignore the commie curmudgeons bah-humbug-ing all around, it has felt as if government-worshiping Krampus creatures have been let loose (or are they trans-Krampus, demon-worshiping leftists wearing antlers and spreading Marxist hate?).  Consider the parade of horribles unleashed during just the last few weeks:

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