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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis petitioned the state’s supreme court earlier this month for an order to impanel a statewide grand jury to probe any wrongdoing related to COVID-19 vaccines. The court gave him the green light on Thursday.

This has a number of health officials and so-called experts worried about the impact that this truth-finding mission may have on vaccine hesitancy and the public’s faith in the medical establishment.

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What are the details?

Earlier this month, DeSantis sought approval from the Florida Supreme Court to impanel a grand jury to look into “crimes and wrongdoing committed against Floridians related to the COVID-19 vaccine.”

The governor’s petition noted that the “pharmaceutical industry has a notorious history of misleading the public for financial gain. Questions have been raised regarding the veracity of the representations made by the pharmaceutical manufacturers of COVID-19 vaccines, particularly with respect to transmission, prevention, efficacy, and safety. An investigation is warranted to determine whether the pharmaceutical industry has engaged in fraudulent practices. The people of Florida deserve to know the truth.”

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