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Some Democrat-run cities are more violent than war zones.

A new study found that military-aged men in the most violent parts of Philadelphia and Chicago are more likely to be shot dead than those deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The study also looked at New York and Los Angeles but found there was less risk than in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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A new study has found that military-aged males living in Chicago and Philadelphia are more likely to be shot dead than those deployed to war zones in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In a study published by the JAMA Network, researchers at Brown University and the University of Pennsylvania found that young, military-aged males from “zip codes with the most violence in Chicago and Philadelphia had a notably higher risk of firearm-related death than US military personnel who served during the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.”

While Chicago and Philadelphia were discovered to be areas where young males are more likely to be shot dead, researchers found during the study of 129,826 young adult men living in Chicago, Philadelphia, New York City, and Los Angeles in 2020 and 2021 that “The most violent areas in New York City and Los Angeles were associated with less risk for young adult males than these theaters of war.”

The study noted that in all zip codes looked at, the “risks were overwhelmingly borne by young adult males from minoritized racial and ethnic groups.”

The study only looked at these four Democrat-run cities.

There are various other Democrat-run cities that have higher murder rates than even Chicago according to data from the first half of 2022. reported:

While they were violent to begin with, all four cities in the study (Chicago, Philadelphia, NYC, and LA) poured gasoline on the fire in 2020 by defunding their police departments.

The risk of firearm death in Chicago’s most dangerous zip code was found to be three times that of the risk of being killed in combat in Afghanistan, and four times the risk of death in Iraq. Someone living in that zip code has a 6% chance of being shot each year. The top 10% most violent neighborhoods in Chicago all had rates of violence higher than Iraq and Afghanistan.

While this study looked at four U.S. cities, the “more dangerous than a war zone” hardly applies to only these four Democrat-run cities. According to the statistics available through the first-half of 2022, Democrat-run New Orleans, Baltimore, Birmingham, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Cleveland, Rochester, Atlanta, Kansas City, Washington, Richmond, Oakland, and Cincinnati all had higher murder rates than Chicago.

Why aren’t Democrats doing anything to fix this?

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