The mega-speculator and “philanthropist” George Soros remains true to himself – he has been sponsoring anti-police left-wing groups with billions of dollars.

Posted BY: Teresa | NwoReport

The conservative US television station Fox News recently gained insight into the tax documents of Soros’ Open Society Foundations, which show the relevant cash transfers. According to this, left-wing extremist groups and anti-police lobbies received a total of 35 million dollars from Soros in 2021 alone – and that in the US alone.

Soros also supports activities against the government or in favor of open borders in numerous other countries.

In the US, the Hungarian-born speculator has been supporting organizations that advocate a “reform” of criminal law for years. These are predominantly left-wing extremist groups and candidates for political office.

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The Soros Foundation defended its grants policy and said it was “proud to be among the earliest and strongest supporters of efforts to address the problems of crime and public safety while protecting the freedoms Americans hold dear”.

Laleh Ispahani, co-director of Open Society-US, told Fox News Digital: “Open Society supports the exploration and development of policies that actually work to reduce crime and defers to communities regarding what alternatives make sense to them”. But crime has exploded in cities where Soros has meddled.

The FBI in 2020 recorded its highest-ever single-year increase in murders. A year later, the 12 US cities that had fully embraced the Soros agenda saw the most murders in their history. The activists are particularly keen on the police being lenient towards drug offenders.

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