Posted BY: Tadas Klimas

They hate us. Oh boy, do they ever.

Remember Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, ripping up President Trump’s State of the Union address?

That’s a constitutionally mandated document, by the way, but more importantly, why? 

What was in there that was so vile as to justify such an act? Nothing. So, why?

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They hate us.

We say things they don’t like. The truth of our assertions is often admitted by them later. But at the time we say it, we are shouted down. Our speech is censored, which is colossally bad enough. But we lose our jobs. We lose our income. We are called the nastiest of things.

And when it’s proven they have censored us, do they apologize? Are they mortified as they should be? Do they swear to amend their ways?

No. They want to keep on doing it. Why?

Because they hate us, and hating us is not only O.K., it is good. Indeed it is the height of morality. It is good to hate us.

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