Posted BY: Allan J. Feifer

Have you read George Orwell’s perennially popular and spookily prescient book Animal Farm?

Written in 1945, it is recognized as one of the most foundational books of the 20th century and the book’s satire vs. the reality of today is striking.  The story tells of farm animals who collectively decided they would no longer give their productive efforts for the benefit of the farm family.  The animals drove out the farmer.  Then they divided up the “profits” of the farm to each animal, purportedly according to its needs.  After the overthrow of the farmers, the pigs ultimately became the new overseers and enslaved the lesser animals.    

Animal Farm addresses the problem of those who believe society is unfair and are convinced in their own minds that there must be a better way.  Except there isn’t.  The moral of the story is that collectivism and socialism do not work.

It takes intellectual rigor to avoid making the same mistakes repeatedly.  It is challenging especially for the young and those who:

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