Posted BY: Jack Cashill

In January 1997, the Clinton White House issued an unintentionally comic 332-page report titled, “The Communication Stream of Conspiracy Commerce.” Even before social media, the Democratic-media complex understood they were losing their grip on information flow. Their response was to deem all real investigative reporting as conspiracy theorizing.

On April 19, 2005, I learned that there was a European version of this complex, one even more tenacious and absurd. That April day was the day all my streams crossed.  I was well aware of the date on that day because it marked the 10th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing and the 12th anniversary of the FBI’s lethal attack on the religious community in Waco. 

I was aware of those dates for two reasons. I had recently released “Mega Fix: The Dazzling Political Deceit That Led to 9/11″, a semi-documentary that reviewed the events at both Waco and Oklahoma City. More to the point, a few weeks earlier I had received a tip that an explosive cache was still buried in the former Herington, Kansas, home of Oklahoma City conspirator Terry Nichols. My source, concerned that the explosives might be used in a tenth-anniversary attack, also contacted the FBI.

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