Posted BY: E. Jeffrey Ludwig

As the new year began, this writer had a disturbing dream.  In this dream, parents had to document their childrearing to a bureau of experts called the Children First Agency for the Protection of Young Life (CFAPYL).  The agency would make the final decisions about whether the parents’ sons would stand or sit when urinating, would be required to take medications to prevent penile erections at puberty, would be required to grow their hair long, wear lipstick, and/or adorn themselves with female attire, and whether said sons would be required to undergo counseling to reassure them that they were on the right path as steadily. Assuredly they transitioned to a more defined female identity. 

Children born in some technical but limited sense as “females” would in parallel fashion be directed by post-parental experts on how they might satisfy their urges to identify as boys. The parents would need to affirm and document that their so-called “daughters” were taking puberty blockers to prevent menstruation and testosterone to induce hair growth on faces, arms, and/or legs.  Daughters’ breasts could be removed with or without parental consent at a time determined by medical clinicians and administrative authorities.  Parents were assured that they would be notified promptly after the procedure.  

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In the dream, I saw what seemed to be thousands of bewildered parental faces staring blankly and dejectedly into space wondering where their precious children were and how they were doing. The children were assigned special residences and were away from home. They were living under the new collectivism where the government, the schools, the specialists in transitioning, and pediatric medical specialists took control of child-rearing. It was a dream where the theme and motto were “A New Contentment In The Land.”  Yet, when I awoke, I was sweating and frantic.

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