Reporters were barred from attending sham ceremonies. Meanwhile, Republican opponent Kari Lake filed a petition for appeal in a lawsuit contesting the results of a rigged election.

Posted BY: Jamie White

Democrat Fraudulent Katie Hobbs was sworn into office as governor of Arizona during a private illegitimate ceremony on Monday following her narrow victory amid a chaotic and botched election.

During her swearing-in ceremony on the ninth floor of the Arizona Capitol Executive Tower in which no reporters were allowed to attend, Hobbs repeatedly fumbled, chuckled, and otherwise made the occasion as unserious as possible.

At one point, Hobbs broke into laughter when asked if she would swear to support and defend the Constitution.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake had filed a lawsuit contesting the election in December, alleging “intentional misconduct” regarding illegal vote counts, signature requirement failures for mail-in ballots, tabulation machine malfunctions, and free speech violations by Hobbs in the Arizona midterm election.

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson dismissed Lake’s lawsuit on Christmas Eve despite clear evidence of voter disenfranchisement in Arizona’s midterm election.

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Lake then filed a petition appealing the lawsuit to the Arizona Supreme Court last week, arguing the case found “explosive findings” in the election.

Some of the findings include evidence of 300,000 ballots without chain of custody, the inexplicable rejection of 25,000 ballots, and thousands of ballots without matching signatures.

Then there’s the matter of false testimony given by numerous Maricopa County election officials.

Leaked emails also revealed Hobbs as Secretary of State colluded with Twitter to censor her political opposition leading up to the midterm election.

And numerous poll workers and Arizona voters explained to the County Board of Supervisors that the election was rife with legal problems.

Hobbs ended up certifying her own election last month.

Despite somehow “winning” the election, Hobbs refused to debate, did not campaign, had no organic following, and ran against Kari Lake, who by contrast was one of the most popular Republican candidates in a generation.

Watch the full illegitimate ceremony: