Posted BY: Allan J. Favish

Once again, the free press has been asleep at the wheel.

Here is another example of how alternative news sources such as internet bloggers are much more useful to the general public than traditional media sources.

A new study out of Germany, funded by the German government, and published in the medical journal Science Immunology, raises the possibility that the so-called vaccine manufactured by BioNTech/Pfizer to fight the mRNA SARS-CoV-2 virus (and possibly the Moderna product), reduces a person’s level of antibodies that fights the virus and increases the level of another kind of antibody that is much less effective at fighting the virus.

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First, here are a few basic immunology facts to better understand the new article. 

According to the Cleveland Clinic:

Antibodies are proteins that protect you when an unwanted substance enters your body.  Produced by your immune system, antibodies bind to these unwanted substances in order to eliminate them from your system.

Another word for antibody is immunoglobulin.

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