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(Natural News) Today’s article and podcast analysis feature Robert Griswold, a highly experienced military analyst who has traveled the world and witnessed firsthand the ravages of war and failed diplomacy. Today he shares with us a stern warning about where the war in Russia is headed and why it could be catastrophic for Western Europe and the United States.

Robert Griswold is the CEO of, a retailer of military-grade night vision, thermal vision, rifle scopes, and other similar products. You can hear the full interview with him in my daily Situation Update podcast (below).

In essence, as Griswold explains, Russia is very strong on up-close land-based military gear such as artillery. Russia is also extremely strong and competent in the arena of thermobaric bombs (non-radioactive fuel-air explosives) and nuclear warheads, including hypersonic missile delivery and ICBMs with multiple re-entry vehicles (that can perform evasive maneuvers). However, between these two ends of the spectrum of violence escalation, Griswold explains, Russia is not as well equipped with “measured” military responses from which to choose.

This means that if provoked by continued HIMARS-run attacks from Ukraine and USA “contractors,” Russia may leap from lower escalation battlefield responses (artillery and direct fire weapons) to thermobaric bombs and tactical battlefield nuclear warheads, Griswold warns.

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The US is running Ukraine’s HIMARS attacks on Russian soft targets, including barracks full of recruits

Even worse, the United States appears to be deliberately provoking Russia into precisely such a response by providing key intelligence, satellite imagery and targeting solutions to HIMARS crews which are widely believed to be US soldiers out of uniform, operating as “contractors” in Ukraine. (HIMARS systems are highly complex and require many months of training to operate with proficiency.)

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