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(Natural News) Amazon is laying off 18,000 people right now, with tens of thousands more to come in 2023. Bed, Bath & Beyond — the corporation run by woke idiots who banned Mike Lindell’s pillows from their stores — is on the verge of declaring bankruptcy. Big Tech companies are slashing job positions, with even the ultra-woke Vimeo gutting a significant percentage of its workforce. At the same time, parallel economy pioneers are right now building out a new, more decentralized infrastructure for e-commerce and medicine that will take the world by storm beginning this year.

Nobody in corporate media has figured this out yet. What you’re learning right here gives you a huge head start on the macroeconomic dynamics that will affect the way people shop, consume products, earn incomes and engage with medical professionals. This is a tectonic shift in the economy and the losers will be the centralized “woke” corporations that have offended half their customer base by declaring their allegiance to LGBTQ insanity.

I have full details in the Situation Update podcast below. Here are some of the highlights of this trend that you need to understand:

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  • The parallel economy brings people together based on philosophical alignment rather than merely profit interests.
  • About half of America is ready to consciously choose to stop all purchase transactions with and other “woke” corporations that are increasingly seen as anti-human, anti-sanity, anti-freedom, and downright evil.
  • “Woke” brands will not be welcomed in the parallel economy and will lose out on the explosion in new philosophically-driven commerce.
  • 2023+ will see widespread decentralization of online e-commerce thanks to the rise of near-instant e-commerce hosting platforms that will allow anyone to instantly set up an e-commerce front-end with 1+ million products already in inventory, fulfilled by network partners.
  • Vendors who are pro-Christian, pro-America or pro-freedom will no longer be able to be blacklisted by “woke” platforms like Vimeo or Amazon, because they will have viable alternatives for distribution and visibility through the parallel economy.
  • Influencers, organizations, and small businesses will set up and launch their own e-commerce portals using these new systems, and they will shift money away from Amazon and into the pockets of regular people at the community level.
  • The centralized warehouse model of Amazon will contract sharply in 2023 with large layoffs, warehouse closures and significant financial losses. Instead, investment is flowing into the new e-commerce storefront networks, backed by distributed, small local warehouses run by real people, not robots or “slave” wage workers.
  • Medicine will also experience a dramatic shift away from centralized, mainstream, pill-pushing doctors and homicidal hospitals. Instead, growth with occur in telemedicine operations that connect people with complementary, naturopathic and alternative medicine professionals who teach solutions rather than medications.
  • The net effect is that more money will flow directly to health care professionals, and medical “licensing” will not be able to be weaponized by states like California to suppress free speech of doctors.

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