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(Natural News) The mass uprising in Brazil — which increasingly looks like a carbon copy repeat of the J6 “insurrection” playbook run by the FBI — is just one of many popular revolts we will see this year as large populations awaken to the truth about tyranny and genocide.

As people are red-pilled, they come to realize these astonishing but true facts:

  • Elections are being rigged to install communists into power while defeating legitimate leaders who represent the people.
  • Covid was a plandemic and it was unleashed to force people into accepting “vaccines” that are actually infertility/depopulation jabs that have already killed millions.
  • The climate change agenda was never rooted in science or reality but was a social control agenda designed to justify the destruction of humanity’s energy infrastructure and plunge the world into mass starvation and economic collapse.
  • Fiat currencies are rapidly collapsing in value, causing skyrocketing inflation across food, fuel, rent, consumer goods, and more.
  • Globalists are pursuing an anti-human agenda (actually, a transhuman agenda) that seeks total destruction of humanity as it currently exists. Even is so red-pilled, they’re now covering the transhumanism / Luciferian agenda of Yuval Harari.
  • Climate lockdowns and another pandemic are on the way, all deliberately unleashed by WEF-run authoritarian governments to enslave — and then annihilate — the masses.

Must see: Steve Quayle’s new documentary Lies of Men and Gods at – this covers the transhumanism attack on humanity and the rise of the Luciferian genocide pushers.

With the criminal felon president Lula in power in Brazil, that country will collapse into Venezuela territory. They’re already using a J6-like playbook to round up and persecute hundreds of pro-Brazil nationalists who protested the rigged election there. They are fighting for their lives because they know that if Lula is allowed to remain in power, Brazil will become a genocidal, dictatorial regime that wages war on its own people, much like the Biden regime in the USA (or the Trudeau regime in Canada).

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Get ready for a controlled demolition of fiat currencies followed by a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) rollout

Most likely in 2023 or 2024, we will see the final engineered collapse of western fiat currencies (dollar, euro, yen), orchestrated to drive the enslaved masses into CBDC systems that function as financial surveillance and control systems run by globalists. This event will, of course, be presented to the public as some sort of crisis — most likely a cyber attack on the banking system — that “requires” everyone to give up their fiat currency and private bank accounts in order to achieve “protection” and “security” offered by the Fed through CBDCs.

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