Posted BY: Cliff Nichols

Last week, we all watched our Congress in an upheaval, largely because a few courageous conservatives refused to auto-endorse a swamp creature to be Speaker of the House.

Although Kevin McCarthy ultimately prevailed, the conservatives are heralded for enforcing compromises to obtain their votes. 

That’s all good as far as it goes… But did any of the concessions the House conservatives were requesting include mandates that the integrity of our elections be restored?  If so, many of us out here beyond the Beltway have yet to hear anything about it. 

Funny how those already elected to office don’t seem to care a whole lot about discussing whether the elections that put them there were honest. 

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Meanwhile, the much-lauded election integrity case brought by the Brunson brothers was not surprisingly turned away at the door by the Supreme Court.  Again, the message the justices are sending us is clear.  If there is any election cheating going on anywhere out there in any of the 50 states, the Supreme Court just doesn’t seem to care and doesn’t want to even hear about it. 

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