Posted BY: John Green

In a recent Rasmussen Reports poll, 39 percent of Americans consider other Americans to be America’s greatest threat. That’s more people than consider China our greatest threat (25 percent). It’s almost twice as many as those that consider Russia our greatest threat (20 percent).

Of those polled, 22 percent say Democrats are our greatest threat. That would include people like myself, who believe the Dems have become the American communists — determined to destroy everything that makes us exceptional — as a necessary measure to marshal in a socialist utopia.

Another 17 percent say that Republicans are the greatest threat. Those would be our fellow citizens who have bought Biden’s semi-fascist baloney and Merrick Garland’s “white supremacist” propaganda. So much for returning comity and normalcy to the American conversation.

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Meanwhile, the world is full of threats. Russia wants to reconstitute the Soviet empire, and is chipping away at eastern Europe to do it.

Islamic fundamentalists want to create a caliphate, and seem to think that enough murder and mayhem will convince the world’s population to join the “religion of peace.” Or maybe they just want to kill the nonbelievers for the fun of it. It’s hard to tell.

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