Posted BY: Jack Gleason

The majority of Americans have been hypnotized into inaction.  First, they were panicked by COVID, then shamed or coerced into taking unproven injections, and finally pacified into thinking “politics” is just a meaningless game where both sides are corrupt.

Their only choice has been to put their heads down and resign themselves to trying to survive day to day, paying the bills and raising their children.

They know that things are horribly wrong with this country, but they are so confused with conflicting information on so many topics that they don’t know what to think.  So they just stop thinking.

These are all psychological tricks used to frighten, overwhelm, desensitize, and demoralize the American public into submission.

Everything was going well for the globalists/elite/left until their election fraud system proved insufficient for them to keep the House of Representatives.  Their insurance policy, Kevin McCarthy, a swamp creature known for being easily swayed by lobbyists and donors, ran into the Twenty Conservative Spartans, who stood firm until he had no choice but to give in to their demands after 14 votes.  His personal desire to be a speaker of the House was greater than his need to be in complete control.

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While the new spine-enhanced GOP-led Congress won’t be able to do much more than delay the Biden administration and the Democrat-controlled Senate in the current session, they do have one ace up their sleeve — congressional committee investigations and live hearings on TV.

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