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A cybersecurity expert has revealed the tell-tale signs that hackers are using your webcam or smartphone camera to spy on you.

Tove Marks from VPNOverview outlined the top three signs to be on the lookout for An extortionist contacting you, a blinking webcam or camera light, and the device’s battery draining faster than usual.

Marks explained that a hacker only needs to implant a small bit of malicious code to gain access to cameras – and users may never know they are under attack. 

And data shows that one in two Americans are unaware that their webcam can be hacked.

Marks also shares tips on lowering your risk of an attack, like using a camera cover and constantly updating your operating system.

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‘If there is the slightest gap in the security of your device, a hacker can seep through the cracks and widen this gap to gain full access,’ Marks shared in a statement.

‘With so many types of malware around today, you may never be able to find out where a virus or spyware has come from. Cybercrime is constantly evolving and you’ve got to keep up with all the latest developments to stay safe.’

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