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Two Colorado Democrats plan to file a bill to redirect a popular taxpayer refund, sending the money to public schools instead.

“My feeling is that the voters would prefer to have the services that align with their values, such as making sure our kids get a public education, making sure our teachers get paid,” state Rep. Cathy Kipp, a Fort Collins Democrat and former Poudre School District board member, told The Daily Signal in a phone interview Tuesday. She argued that “K-12 education is really in trouble.”

Kipp sent The Daily Signal a draft of her legislation to redirect refunds to education. The state’s Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights (TABOR), a state constitutional amendment approved in 1992, limits the number of taxpayer funds the state government can retain and spend. If the government collects more money in taxes than the limit—the prior fiscal year’s actual revenue or limit, adjusted for inflation, population growth, and voter-approved revenue changes—taxpayers get a refund.

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Measures to allow the state to keep TABOR money have failed. Voters rejected Proposition CC in 2019. Initiative 63, which would have redirected TABOR refunds to public education, failed to even make the ballot in 2022.

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