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The World Economic Forum brings together politicians, corporate leaders, government leaders and quite a few nutjobs to Davos annually.  This year is no exception. 

As they have in prior years, this year the WEC held various panels including a panel that takes the ridiculous climate change sham to a new level.

During a presentation at the event, climate change was upgraded to a planetary crisis, a safety crisis and a justice crisis.   

“Dear friends, scientifically this is not a climate crisis. We are now facing something deeper,” Swedish scientist Johan Rockström said during a presentation Wednesday, adding that we are “Really putting humanity’s future at risk. This is a planetary crisis.”

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Professor Joyeeta Gupta followed up by describing how the “planetary crisis” is a myriad of other types of crises, as well.

“This is a safety crisis, but above all it is also a justice crisis,” she said, suggesting that the most strongly impacted populations are in poorer countries that contribute the least to planet-warming emissions.

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