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Joe Biden’s classified documents were sent to a DC location for six months before being transferred to the Penn Biden Center.

According to The Daily Mail, the documents were moved in the summer of 2017 after being stored at a government office for 6 months.

The DC space was overseen by the Penn Biden Center before its office formally opened in 2018.

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“The new location adds an additional address to the multi-stop route for the classified documents, which ended up inside a locked cabinet at the Penn Biden Center where they got discovered – while raising new questions about the total universe of people who might have had access to the documents over a period of years.” – The Daily Mail reported.

Biden was eventually paid $ 1 million a year by UPenn to do nothing…but perhaps peddle state secrets to foreign donors like China.

Biden’s former assistant Kathy Chung, a woman who was recommended to him by his son Hunter, was in charge of packing and shipping the documents in 2017.

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