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The extreme political Left talks quite about “intersectional struggles,” including the racist intersectionality that equates African-Americans who were once forced to sit in the back of the bus and drink from separate-but-unequal water fountains (the one for Caucasians had a chiller, the one for Black people did not) to Palestinian terrorists who murder children and Olympic athletes, and fire rockets into cities while using their own people as human shields. It’s just so woke to equate American citizens of color to the absolute dregs of the human species, isn’t it?

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The only intersectional struggle is the one between the world’s civilized people and its depraved violent savages who still cling to the Dark Age mentality that the only way to improve one’s situation is to steal from others and destroy whatever is left. Savage is as savage does, and technological advancement does not necessarily equate to civilization. Nazi Germany was very advanced technologically, and so were the USSR and Imperial Japan. This did not stop them from committing monstrous crimes against humanity throughout Europe and Asia. Communist China now uses advanced electronic surveillance methods to oppress its own people. The intersectional struggle includes that of Israel versus Hamas and other terrorists, Ukraine against Russia, and Taiwan against communist China.

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