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Has artificial intelligence become dangerously woke?

Posted BY: Robert Arvay

The first time I ever played chess against a computer, I won.  It was a very simple computer, running a very simple program, but my paltry skills at chess had some difficulty in outwitting it.  In the end, however, I felt the same “thrill of victory” as I would have felt in defeating a human opponent.  After all, in the competition between man and machine, I prevailed.  Take that, your computer!

I remember wondering how the computer felt about its loss.  Was it sad?  Frustrated?  Angry or embarrassed?

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Most of us understand that computers have no feelings at all. It is only because computers can be made to mimic human behaviors that we may sometimes think of them as having some human traits, such as emotion or intention, but they don’t. They are mindless objects.

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